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Longmont, Colorado, a vehicle carrying 10 or so people was pulled over by police. Not only was the driver on a restricted license and had a prior DUI, his BAC was .138. Of the 10 people in the car, one woman was sober and she did have a valid license. I am sure she was the only one freaking out as they swerved their way down the street.

What makes this story so ironic is the fact that the guy who was driving was the designated driver. Why the one and only sober person in the car wasn’t the DD, one can only guess.

This just shows the level of maturity this guy had and level of common sense. He is the DD and he blows a .138. How could Darwin be right? If it was to be survival of the fittest, I assume smartest too, how can there still be people like this around?

I wonder how many of the passengers the next day wanted to beat the tar out of this guy for putting them all in danger. But then again, they were stupid enough to get into the vehicle in the first place.

Nuff said.

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